Terms of Use: Graphics

The rules of the game..

Below is the basic terms of use if you use anything from this site:

For avatars/icons: You can use these for anything you want (i.e. forums, site updates, MSN display pictures, etc). If you use these on other sites (i.e. your own), you must credit this site; I don't care where, as long as it's visible (or on the credits page). Please link back to http://mesmerized.iceglow.net. If you use these icons for forums or MSN, there's no need to credit this site; just no claiming them as your own work. Do not direct link these.

For Layouts: These layouts are premades, which means that I have made/coded them for your usage. It is not meant to be a template for you to use (i.e. using my HTML/CSS coding to code your own layout). The basic terms of usage are located on the layout preview, but just to summarize what you're going to see:

For headers: You can use these for your own site layouts, if you know HTML and know how to code your own layout, or just as a general image header for a page. These are very useful for tables layouts. You can also use these as your Facebook covers (images ending with "_fbookcover"). And again, no direct-linking.

For wallpapers: These are to be used for your desktop only. No credit is needed as this is for your personal use and won't be displayed on your site (if you have one).

For stamps: You can use these images to show your support, your interests, mood, etc. You can use them on your site, on Deviantart, or wherever else you want to display them. Please do not direct link these images; please upload to your own server. Don't forget to credit Mesmerized if you use these.

Basic summary of the Terms of Use:

That's the basic terms of usage. Remember, if you're unsure of anything, it's always better to ask me first