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Layout: Karen of Mesmerized
Image: MiniTokyo
Textures: Punk Rose
Brushes: Angelic Trust

About the Layout

A basic introduction to this layout

Hooray! My first official fixed-layout design =D I've always wanted to try a layout like this, but I couldn't figure out how..and after some research, it turns out it's pretty easy to do!'s in the standard HTML5 coding! It's kinda is 100% free of errors, but I can say that I have managed to successfully code a layout in (somewhat) valid HTML coding (which passed the validation). The CSS is more or less free of errors as well (but it passed the validation lol) means I gotta update the coding for the other layouts soon...=( This was relatively easy to code in HTML5. I think I'll be able to figure out how to do the divider layouts in HTML5, but the tables...I might have some issues with that..oh well, I've got time on my side lol. Anyways, this is a lovely divider (div) layout featuring the lovely ladies Lacus Clyne and Cagalli Yula Athha from my all-time favorite series Gundam Seed/Destiny. It's a relatively WIDE layout, so it pretty much spans your whole screen (I'm viewing it in a 1280x800 screen resolution and it takes up most of my screen), but who doesn't like wide layouts? =D

This layout is ideally used for not-so big sites (and should have no more than eight links in the navigation, as seen on the left), but it can be used for big sites if you condense all your links into categories. For example, your link categories can be: Home, About Me, Site Information, Linkage, Graphics, Resources, Fun and Credits/Disclaimer. And within those categories, you can link to your other pages (i.e. Graphics category: Icons, Layouts, Signs, etc). So there is no limit as what you want to use this layout for =)

Anyways, you all should have no issues with using this layout, but as always, feel free to send me an e-mail if you need anything.

Please note: This layout has been coded and tested in the latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and is best viewed in a screen resolution of 1280x800 or higher.

Layout CSS

The layout's style

Normal text Bold text Italic text Underlined text Link

Header 1

Header 2 (this is optional to use)

This is a blockquote. It can be used as a place to post a brief introduction to your site, recent updates or statistics

Terms of Use

This is a must-follow if you use this premade design

1.) DO NOT remove the credits and claim the layout as your own
2.) DO NOT redistribute this layout or any of the graphics associated with this layout
3.) DO NOT edit the HTML/CSS/layout images, you must use it as is, however, you can edit the avatar to put your name on it. If you know a little CSS, you can add extra CSS codes to the current stylesheet if you wish, but please do not modify the doing and claim this layout design as your own

How to Use this Layout

General instructions on how to use this =)

1.) Download and unzip the layout file
2.) Open up "index.html" and edit the content and navigation so it applies to you
3.) Make a new folder, call it images, and upload all the images into that folder
4.) Upload remaining files into your main directory


Layout bonuses

Just the one 100x100 icon used in the introduction. If you would like a personalized button or icon that goes with this layout, feel free to e-mail me =)