Giving credit where credit is due

Below is a list of resources that were used in the creation of this site (i.e. layout) as well as sources of my PNG extractions (i.e. where I got the images from before I manually extracted them on Photoshop)

Host: Moni of Ice Glow

Layout resources: these are located at the bottom of the navigation or layout footer

Resources Used:

  • Minitokyo
  • Aethereality Gallery
  • Google Images
  • Kuusou
  • Digik Gallery
  • Anime Rain
  • Zero Chan

  • Resources:
  • Aethereality (brushes)
  • Reminiscent Designs (brushes, textures)
  • Celestial Star (brushes, textures)
  • Anime Rain (brushes)
  • Obsidian Dawn (brushes)
  • Chibi Graphics (textures)
  • Cherry Vanilla (textures)
  • Shizoo Designs (textures)
  • 77 words (textures)
  • Hybrid Genesis (textures)
  • 99 Mockingbirds (textures)
  • Pink Blossom (textures)
  • Bloomotion (textures)
  • Punk Rose (textures)
  • Acid Drop (brushes, textures)
  • Auroria (textures)
  • The Peril (textures)
  • Avatar Info (textures)
  • Angelic Trust (brushes)
  • Loveboxx (renders, icon bases)
  • Dawn Asteria (various resources)
  • Art Icons (icon textures)
  • Kawaii Blossom (icon textures)
  • Locky Sun (icon textures/bases)
  • Kencho (stamp template)

  • Programs, Fonts, Scripts, etc
  • Photoshop CS6 (design program)
  • Celestial Star (tutorials)
  • Da Font (fonts)
  • Fusion News (content management script)
  • Icon Sort (script)
  • FileZilla (FTP client)