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...to Mesmerized (which once was Heart's Melody), a resource website maintained by the one and only Karen. Here you will find transparent PNGs from many anime/manga series that you may use for your own graphic designs as well as other resources such as brushes. You will also find other graphics such as icons and premade layouts. If you have any questions or would like to suggest a series to be added to this site, feel free to e-mail me at karenc087@yahoo.ca.

You are currently viewing act III: We Found Love, featuring Usagi Tsukino & Chiba Mamoru from the animanga series Sailor Moon. Open since June 24, 2012


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Mesmerized Reborn! :: 2014-08-24 :: posted by Ethiwen

Hello everyone! smiley Welcome to the newly remodelled Heart's Melody! As you all can tell, HM is no more...it is now known as Mesmerized! After a long debate, I finally decided to go back to using Mesmerized as the name of this site and I do like it a lot better than Heart's Melody lol (I'm sure many of you know that Mesmerized did exist on the web many years ago until 2008). With many of us hostees who had to move hosts or change subdomains, I used this chance to rename this site to Mesmerized and do a little clean up of some old graphics (and go on a much needed hiatus angel).

Anyways, as you can see, the site is still the same, just a new name and a new look. I do hope you all like it frown I also decided to use Fusion News instead of Fan Update as this site's CMS. Fan Update tends to not post my updates until the next day for some reason and I've been using Fusion News for a while on my other site, Hibiscus, and it hasn't given me any problems yet. We'll see how that goes..

Another thing you may have noticed, the content seems a little smaller than before. You see, I decided to scrap some of my wallpapers and premade layouts (some icons will be scrapped as well). Why? I just don't seem to like them anymore and I know I can redo them and make them even better smiley And just having to re-add them all again (and changing the credits from Heart's Melody to Mesmerized) is a big pain in the butt to do blush So I deleted the ones I don't like anymore or aren't up to par with my current designs. Might as well do the icons too since I cleaned out the premades and wallpapers lol, but that's later.

So enough of that, I do have some updates. It's not much, but considering all I did to get this site back up and running, it's more than enough angel

  • 2 layouts (Sailor Moon and Gundam Seed/Destiny)
  • 25 icon bases (22 Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, 3 Sailor Moon)
  • 4 transparent PNGs
    • 1 Sword Art Online
    • 1 Say I Love You
    • 2 Kimi ni Todoke

And that is all I have for today. To all my visitors, affiliates and link exchanges, please be sure to update HM's link to http://mesmerized.iceglow.net. I will be doing an affiliate/link sweep later, so do update it when you can angelIf there are any broken links or images, please let me know. I did do a thorough check of all my pages to ensure everything is up and running, but there is a chance I missed something. Many thanks in advance. I will also reply to those messages that were left on my cbox from way back in July too. Enjoy the new updates and welcome back to MesmerizedsmileyUntil next time~!

Oh yes, before I forget, this isn't for certain yet, but there is a chance that I will go on hiatus again next month for about 1-2 months. I know, I know...I just came back and now I'm disappearing again? You see, next month will be super busy for me; I begin my 4+ week full-time (8 hour days, 40 hours/week) work experience for my tech license and on top of that, I will attempt to work weekends/weeknights at my current job (if I get called in. I still gotta earn some $$ after all..). After that is done, I will be working and getting ready for the big move to a new city. So lots of prep work for that too. So depending on how busy I am, I may make small updates, or I might disappear completely. I will let you guys know; it's just a heads up..


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